Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s an amazing thing, being a mom. It’s more incredible, humbling, scary, exciting and exhausting than I ever – in a million years – would have imagined.  People can tell you what it’s like until they’re blue in the face, but until you’ve experienced it, you can’t really, fully know. And I wouldn’t change any […]

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Do You Suffer from BPS? (Bad Parent Syndrome)

My SuperMom cape is off-kilter these days. Okay, truth be told, I don’t have a SuperMom cape.  But if I did, it would definitely be off-kilter. I’ve been juggling lots of different things lately and feel as if I haven’t given the people and priorities in my life the attention they deserve.  That includes my […]

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A Simple Act of Kindness

Hello and Happy 2013! I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and have ramped up for a great year ahead. It’s been eons since my last post.  I got caught up in all the holiday prep, then unplugged for the most part until after New Years, and am now finally crawling out […]

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We Wish You a Sappy Christmas

There’s something magical about the holiday season.  Maybe it’s the glittering lights, the snow, the holiday music.  Maybe it’s the wonder in children’s eyes, or curling up in front of the tree and watching old movies.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s spending time with family and friends from near and far, putting aside differences, and simply enjoying […]

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Just a Little Heart Attack

My in-laws (who are great, by the way – I’m lucky) were visiting recently, and my health-conscious mother-in-law mentioned she was going to email me a short and funny video clip about someone getting a heart attack. HUH?!  How can a video clip about a heart attack be funny? But she was right, it is […]

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Feeling Cranky? Snap Out of It!

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~ Robert Brault You know those days where the least little thing annoys you?  Where it takes nothing to set you off?  That’s what my last week has been like, on and off. Yes – I’ve been cranky […]

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Questions of a Scared Six-Year-Old

Last night our son approached us with a huge look of concern on his face.  He was suddenly terrified of tornadoes.  The questions spilled out of him, catching us off-guard as they have in the past.  We did our best to keep up. [image source] What happens if a tornado comes? That would be very rare. […]

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Being a Mom

Would we have chosen to have kids, had we known what we were getting into? Believe it or not, absolutely. My husband and I got married young.  We were 22.  We knew we didn’t have life figured out, but decided to take on the world together.  One thing we did know, back then, was that we […]

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