Goodbye Boots, Hello Flip Flops!

Spring weather is finally here!  YES! I love spring.  I love the warmth in the air, the scent of things growing, hearing birds singing and seeing leaves and flowers emerge.  And I especially love throwing aside my detested (ahem, practical and warm) winter boots. For those in hotter climates, you may not quite understand my […]

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We Wish You a Sappy Christmas

There’s something magical about the holiday season.  Maybe it’s the glittering lights, the snow, the holiday music.  Maybe it’s the wonder in children’s eyes, or curling up in front of the tree and watching old movies.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s spending time with family and friends from near and far, putting aside differences, and simply enjoying […]

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Rekindle Your Childlike Wonder

Remember when you were a child, when using your imagination was a natural state of being?  When each day was filled with possibility? You could be a princess in a castle one moment, slay a dragon (princesses are brilliant, beautiful and tough, you know!), then travel to the moon, and then, after snacktime, create the most […]

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The Small Stuff Challenge (part 2)

In my last post I presented a challenge: to notice and celebrate the “small” stuff in life.  That could be anything – a gorgeous sky, the carefree laughter of a child or the opportunity to lend a helping hand.   Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest impact, and help us appreciate all the things we have to be thankful […]

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