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Create Joy - Tanya Levy

I am excited to feature a guest post from my wise friend Tanya Levy of Tanya is a Counsellor in a Community College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  She’s been in social work for over twenty years, speaking to teachers, counsellors, colleagues and students about wellness in the classroom, study skills, time management, stress management, self-care and avoiding burnout, creativity and focusing strategies.  

Welcome, Tanya!

The Practice of Affirmations to Create Joy in Your Daily Life

The recent events in Boston have challenged my sense of joy, my belief in the generosity of the human spirit. So I posted this affirmation on my writing group site: “I know darkness exists in our world, I seek to expand the light”.

That started me thinking. What if I used affirmations in my life to create more joy? Google defines joy as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”.  Affirmations are words we speak to expand our lives. What would you like to expand in your life? Joy. Contentment. Generosity. Happiness. Delight. Celebration. Setting a theme for your affirmations will make it easier for you to create them.

Affirmations are present tense, spoken as if they are already true and meant to be positive and help you create the life you want. If they are hard for you to say, you can add an “ing”.  An example for expanding joy for me is, “I expand joy in my life, I do activities that bring me delight. I expand joy in the lives of those I meet”.

When you tune in and listen to yourself today, what goal do you notice? If you have a goal of taking more breaks each day, then an affirmation could be “I take breaks to allow breathing space in my day”.

Another way to think of affirmations is to help you practice a new habit.  For example, I am a writer. One of the things I struggle with is practicing my writing consistently. So, I have this affirmation written on my desk, “I practice my writing daily. I look for production, not perfection”.

Affirmations help us improve joy in our lives by helping us become more of whom we want to be, do more of what we want to do by helping us think more directly towards our goals. As parents, we often put our own needs last. Self-care helps us take better care of ourselves. An affirmation that can help you do that could be, “I attend to my own needs each day so I can truly take care of others”.

Getting started on affirmations can be challenging. For some, looking through a magazine for words or pictures that make you smile or attract your attention can be a place to start. The purpose of affirmations is to make your life better. If your goal is to have more joy in your life, go through a magazine and tear out ten pictures of things or activities that bring you joy, or make a list of ten activities that give you joy. Pick one activity to start and make it into an affirmation.

For example, if you chose a picture of someone taking a bike ride, your affirmation might be, “I spend time outside for ten minutes each day”, or “I make space in my day to move freely and easily”. If it seems hard to believe it, try, “I am learning to move freely and easily each day” or “I am becoming more fit”.

The “sample affirmations” picture below shows a sample of more hand written affirmations that you can use as a guide if you choose to make your own. Saying them daily will improve your health, bring you more joy and remind you that you are worth time and energy; you matter.

Tanya Levy - sample affirmations   Tanya Levy - star affirmation pouch










Tanya Levy - affirmation pouch

The key for affirmations is that one size does not fit all. When you write an affirmation for you, make it believable and workable for you. I have written some for you below on the theme of “joy”. These are just suggestions to help you connect with your needs each day. Print them off and cut them into separate pieces. Then, you can tape them on a mirror, put them in your wallet or in your bedside table.

You can make your own pouch or envelope to put your affirmations in. Above are examples of affirmation pouches.

Expanding Joy Affirmations for you to Use

I schedule down time to replenish my energy.

I have a joy list of what I love to do.

I make time for fun.

I spend time with people who make me smile.

I love myself exactly as I am today in this moment.

I listen to my inner wisdom and do activities that delight me.

I enjoy simple pleasures like the smell of the earth after it rains, a warm cup of coffee or a tall glass of water.

I clear old beliefs that no longer serve me.

I open myself to receive this or something better.

I let my light shine.

I seek gentleness and peace.

I wish you well on your journey to add joy to your life each day. Be creative, stay open and celebrate you!

To get in touch with Tanya, visit or email her at

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Donna Danielsen May 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Love this post! Thank you for sharing. I tweeted it!


christineonthebrighterside May 5, 2013 at 9:13 am

Thanks so much, Donna! I loved Tanya’s post too. 🙂


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